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"I'm delighted to have discovered Mel is offering healthy plant based recipe boxes to purchase on her website! I love cooking but realised I've been making the same set of meals over and over again recently. I needed some inspiration! And here I found it:-) New flavours, new ideas and plenty of nutrition information! There's a gluten free option available as well which made my husband happy as he is gluten intolerant. One of my favs is a super tasty Moroccan vegetable stew. I received dry and canned ingredients and all I needed to buy were just some fresh veg. Thank you so much for the box full of goodness made with so much love and care 💚 😊"

Aleksandra Hipwell, July 2020

My local nutritionist, Melanie Hanspall, was all for clean eating depending on 'what you define as clean eating.' For her,  'Clean eating is about a healthy balanced diet including lean protein, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, healthy fats whilst limiting toxins such as smoking, alcohol, processed foods, stress and is definitely not something that is a fad or short term.'

Kerry Dolan, Sunday, 29 Jan 2017

My passion for cooking and nutritional knowledge enables me to cater for any event, be it my own wellbeing events,  pop-ups, parties and weddings specialising in vegetarian and vegan foods as well as catering for other specialist dietary requirements. I get a real buzz from other people enjoying my healthy cooking! Find out more about me and my services on the following pages plus links to my social media sites. 

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