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Below are the testimonials of the clients that I have helped through lovenutrition.

Nutritionist in Cambridge / Melanie Hanspall / Testimonials


"After attending one of Melanie's yoga/nutrition retreats for the second time I have come to the conclusion that I simply must have these detox days in my life. Melanie is the perfect example of someone who eats her own cooking and is super passionate about the wisdom she delivers. Her knowledge around health and well being is second to none.

It's like she has spent years sifting through the dirt to find gold nuggets of wisdom to share with her clients. 

Such a genuinely loving spirit here to help life the vibration of the world!

Highly recommend you go get involved. Life changing...

Thank you very much,


Simon Stocker, Feb 2022 

"Amazing cook....has such knowledge on plant based nutrition! Such a beautiful soul, she catered for me on a yoga retreat, that I will never forget! My favourite meal was the aubergine and green bean Indian curry....It was so beautiful."

Jazz, Sept 2020

"We had a meal cooked by Mel recently from the pop-up evening @ The Pharmacie Cafe in Waterbeach. Due to the lockdown (Remember that? People reading this in the future) we hadn't got a takeaway for a couple of months and it was really worth the wait. South Indian, all Plant-Based and every bite was fresh and delicious. Can't wait to have this again."


Kevin Bolton, June 2020

"I'm delighted to have discovered Mel is offering healthy plant based recipe boxes to purchase on her website! I love cooking but have realised I've been making the same set of meals over and over again recently. I needed some inspiration! And here I found it :-) New flavours, new ideas and plenty of nutrition information! There's a GF option available as well which made my husband happy as he's gluten intolerant. One of my favs is a super tasty Moroccan stew. I received dry and canned ingredients and all I needed to buy were just some fresh veg. Thank you so much for the box full of goodness made with so much love and care".  


Aleksandra Hipwell August 2020

"I got a takeaway from lovenutritioncambridge at the Pop up cafe and it was amazing! Melanie is lovely and everything was so professional and well organised. Customer service was second to none and the food was delicious. It was a beautiful dinner and I am definitely looking forward to my next time and other events too.

Thank you!"

Annika Schorken, June 2020 

"Love nutrition Cambridge catered for the event I organised and I couldn't be happier with the food. The event was a big success and food played a very big part in was delicious :) My most favourite was tomato and bean vegan pate and vegan brownie balls. I can not recommend Love nutrition Cambridge enough...…!"


Ausra Banderenkaite, October 2018

"I saw Melanie with a very specific need for nutrition advice (I'm a pregnant vegan!). Melanie was so very helpful - she answered all of my questions in satisfying detail and gave me a lot of information to take home, as well as sending a follow up email summarising everything that had been discussed and recommended I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Melanie to anyone with a need for nutritional advice - however obscure".

Frances Robinson, October 2019

"Melanie gave me practical and easy ideas to change my diet for the better It was a fantastic session that gave me the motivation I needed".

Imke Mclean, November 2018

"Mel has been there for me with nutritional advice and guidance for over a year now. She is very passionate about nutrition and goes above expectations. Becoming vegan (and following a gluten/wheat free diet also) seemed a little daunting at first as I'm no cook whatsoever! However, Mel gave me some delicious recipes to follow as well as detailed advice on how to get everything I needed from food, minimising the need to purchase loads of vitamins. She educated me on which foods to eat together to get the most benefit from them, her knowledge is fantastic. She has some great juice/smoothie recipes too, which are so tasty and give you that extra boost of vitamins in the morning! Mel is so easy to talk to, non-judgemental and never makes me feel like I'm a burden when I ask her a million questions. I highly recommend Mel, you won't be disappointed".

Kate Hussey, March 2018

"I had basic knowledge of nutrition but Mel taught me so much in a friendly way. After an initial consultation, she created a six week meal plan. In those six weeks, I felt healthier and more energetic which is exactly what I asked for. I'd highly recommend Mel for your nutrition needs!"

Alannah Messett, January 2017

"My husband and I commissioned a consultation with Melanie to update our nutritional knowledge. We found the information extremely useful and valued her supportive attitude - she really listened to us".

Danielle Malan, 2017


“I first met Melanie, in order to seek help and advice on how I could put on weight in a gradual and healthy manner. I had previously been referred to a dietician on the NHS, but was very disappointed as they offered a "quick fix" solution largely based on a huge increase of my intake of refined sugars and paid no attention to the fact I suffer from IBS.
Melanie offered me the total opposite, and helped me to understand the cause of my weight loss and it was her expertise in nutrition that re-educated my eating habits and gave me a greater understanding of the benefits of having a truly balanced diet. After having reviewed my food diary, Melanie gave me recipe suggestions that factored in my IBS and set me a target weight in an agreed time frame.
Six months on, after regular check ups and discussions, I have not only reached my target weight, but feel a million times better for it and haven't looked back. I have found Melanie's passion for nutrition hugely inspiring and her personable nature has made the entire experience a joy! I have been recommending her to friends and family.”

Roxanne Rochford 2014

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